The following are photographs from my first Bodybuilding Show - NPC Arizona Natural 2005 (natural / steroid free)

Being my first show I entered without any expectations...

In the Middlewieght Division I placed: 2nd in the Novice (for newbies), and 3rd in the Open (experienced competitors)- Not bad :)

I believe in a healthy mind, and body, and have a personal lifestyle commitment to physical fitness

7 months of intense work - 4 workouts per day, and zero diet cheating.. while servicing clients as a Contract CIO was challenging.

I can honestly say I put everything I had into it. During the process suffered a ruptured disc in my back - though trained on (it hurt..a lot)

My hat is off to anyone who has the dedication, and self-control to maintain the stringent requirements to compete.

n8's Tip: Never.. I mean Never get your Body Waxed.. unless 3 days of horrific pain sounds like fun to you. All bad.